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KOPSAN Plastik A.Ş. , whose foundations were laid in Sultanbeyli in 1998 , started to market plastic bags and nylon bags in the 2000s, when the plastic industry began to spread in the world.

With the rapidly increasing demand for plastic film products, KOPSAN Plastik A.Ş. , which is one of the leading companies of the group, was established in 2005 by shifting all its attention and investments to this sector , and started production in its own facilities with three films and one automatic cutting machine.

KOPSAN Plastik A.Ş., which evaluates the supply and demand balances in the market well and constantly keeps the pulse of the consumer, does not limit itself to only plastic bags and nylon bags, but has added new ones to its product portfolio every year besides its investments in stretch film, grocery roll, bag and shrink film with a wide vision.

At the end of the 2010s, a step was taken to make KOPSAN Plastik A.Ş. a global brand by establishing an integrated facility in Tuzla . With 20 years experience in Turkey with the brand's packaging plastic COP Inc., it continues its successful and stable growth of the packaging market in Turkey at a rapid pace.

KOPSAN Plastik A.Ş. , which manufactures at world quality standards and prioritizes producer and consumer needs and happiness with its product quality, distribution network, sales and after-sales service understanding, continues to grow step by step.

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