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KOPSAN Plastik A.Ş. In parallel with the technological developments in the world, it carries out innovation-oriented R&D studies and continues its studies with the understanding of "Technology for the Customer".

The basic strategies of the R&D Department can be grouped under the following headings:

  • Establishing close relationships with universities and research centers and conducting joint projects within the framework of university-industry cooperation,

  • Carrying out advanced research projects by participating in international projects, especially in the European Union countries, and increasing the technical competence of the R&D team,

  • Developing innovative products, product improvement, prototypes and patents,

  • Evaluation and examination of new technologies, defining short, medium and long term technological roadmap, transforming ideas into products and services,

  • It is the development of new film structures specific to all kinds of products, especially food products, and the preparation of formulations using scientific approaches for packaging design.

Our R&D laboratory has a total closed area of 180 m2 and is designed on the basis of good laboratory practices (GLP). Many mechanical, physical and chemical tests on plastics and especially flexible films, barrier films and hygiene products are carried out using international standards and test methods in our R&D laboratory equipped with advanced technological devices.

Some of our important test and analysis devices in our R&D laboratory are:

  • All mechanical and optical tests of films

  • Chemical tests of films

  • Structural tests of films

  • Oxygen and moisture permeability tests of films

  • Film migration analysis

  • Simulation of customer-applied tests in the laboratory. Example: Sterilization, Pasteurization.

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