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Environmental awareness and employee health and safety are the main priorities in all processes of KOPSAN Plastik A.Ş. The goals in this direction are; It is shaped as "ensuring continuous improvement in the environment and health / safety system by taking the necessary measures for the environment and human health".

In order to achieve these goals, KOPSAN Plastik A.Ş. is committed to fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Always determine the dangers that may come to the environment and human health in advance and take the necessary measures,

  • To use natural resources and energy resources economically and efficiently,

  • To minimize the negative effects of our activities on human and environment,

  • To raise awareness of all our personnel, including our customers and suppliers, on the issues of health and protection of the environment, to provide relevant training when necessary,

  • To comply with the legal regulations in our country regarding environment and occupational safety and the conditions of the organizations we are a member of,

  • To make continuous improvement in order to prevent the recurrence of accidents and incidents,

  • To make our policy always accessible to relevant parties.

All personnel of KOPSAN Plastik A.Ş. are responsible for the protection of human and environmental health.

Managers at the facility and company headquarters are obliged to have this policy adopted and enforced by all employees.

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