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KOPSAN Plastik A.Ş., which applies the same understanding of quality and service with the companies it works with, regardless of scale, has established its organization on these principles.

We have seen what our human valuing and customer-oriented structure has earned us in the long run and we are well connected to this understanding.

The targets of KOPSAN Plastik A.Ş. for the upcoming period:

1. To continue increasing customer satisfaction

2. To create a new and more stable market structure. Increasing exports

3. toward higher added value to products

4. To make KOPSAN Plastik A.Ş brand an international brand.


Creativity: Our most basic feature for success, our system, which allows the discussion of every opinion existing in our company, enables us to adapt to changing conditions and makes our success permanent.

Consistency: The consistency between the promises made and the work done, that is, being behind the promises made distinguishes our company from other similar ones.

Quality: It is a measure that shows our ability to reflect the expectations of our customers to our products and services.

Team Work: We believe that success can only be achieved through teamwork. Each member of the team supports the other.

Cost Targeting: Our company also strives to prevent all kinds of unnecessary expenses among all these quality targeting and aims to cost the quality to you at the cheapest price.

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