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Nature Friendly

Art in packaging

Doğa dostu Streç film

KOP-SAN Plastik offers an ideal solution to the problem of silage stretch, plastic bag, stretch film, shrink waste with its 'Biodegradeable' products developed with environmental awareness. These products, which are recyclable, disappear in 12-24 months without any toxic effects in nature.

Streç Film Poşet bakılı poşe

As a manufacturer with high environmental awareness, KOPSAN Plastik, which has adopted the principle of fulfilling all its responsibilities with precision, has 22 years of experience and advanced technology. It always targets high quality, researches the developments in the sector systematically, presents innovations to its customers.

Ambalajda Sanat Streç Film

KOP-SAN plastic industrial shrink film, stretch film, printed bags, roll greengrocers, performing the production of printed and unprinted bags and bags with all kinds of plastic bags industry leadership as well as in Turkey, is among the few packaging manufacturers in the world.

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